We will help turn product ideas into a tangible, scalable, and market-ready application. We handle each step from ideation to deployment of the final product.


We support dApp and Smart Contract development on several major blockchain protocols using on-chain and off-chain solutions.

Our team has experience with software development on several platforms and has worked with several top blockchain teams.


Our team has experience working with companies that range from startups to Fortune 500 global projects spanning multiple industries.


Selecting the right blockchain based on your individual needs and vision is a very critical decision.  

We provide case studies based on other similar projects and evaluate the best path based on available metrics to assist in the best chance of success for our clients.



We love teaching others to code for the Blockchain! We will be launching an on-demand course and will also provide remote and on-site classes for more in-depth training. We support dApp development training in Stellar, Ethereum, and several other blockchain protocols.

We support:

#Solidity #Ethereum #NEM #SmartContracts #Stellar #EOS #dApps #RESTAPI #NEO #ICX #ADA #NodeJS #React




After almost two decades working with startups and well known brands building custom software for entertainment, sports, hospitality and several other verticals our founders realized the disruptive power Blockchain has to transform so many industries. 

Our focus is to provide talented developers and resources to enable brands to utilize blockchain technology.



This is the most important question any company in this space can ask themselves. We recognize the disruptive capabilities of this technology for supply chain, banking, user identity, advertising and so many more spaces that can benefit from smart contracts and distributed ledger technology.


Define. Design. Deploy.

We first establish what needs to be built and help identify the best solution based on our clients defined mission.

Don't settle for a team that is just going to check off the requirements boxes. We only engage on projects that we feel we can bring the best-in-class experience to.

CTO / Chief Blockchain Architect

Kirk has been leading development teams and creating software for Fortune 500 brands for over a decade, working with clients like Red Bull, CNN, MTV, Microsoft, and Nat Geo. Among his accomplishments are winning the Stellar Build Challenge, Open Screen Fund from Adobe, and Calling All Innovators by AT&T. He is also a contributor to open source projects for Microsoft, Zclassic, and Bitcoin Private.


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